Alexandria, VA Home Remodeling Trends

Alexandria, VA home remodeling contractor sketching new remodel trendsNo one wants to be the eyesore of the neighborhood with an outdated home that looks in shambles. If you bought a house built in the 80’s or maybe even decades before, you are probably living in one that is in desperate need of home remodeling. Not only do you want your house to look better inside and out to keep up with the Jones’ new additions next door, but you also don’t want mold or mildew. It’s a delight having the trendiest home in the neighborhood, and especially for the right reasons; your family’s health, safety, and comfort.

Many people want to remodel their home because they want to enjoy new aesthetics, and live more safely, but also for another two key reasons: they want to increase its market value when it comes time for selling their home, and because they want to live more comfortably. When considering undergoing a home remodeling project, begin by taking a look at the different areas of your home that are in a real need of repairs. If you don’t, and just hastily hire an Alexandria VA, home remodeling contractor, you’ll just be wasting your money on an unnecessary project.

But if you’re ready to remodel your home then you’re starting the new year off right. 2018 is projected to be a prime year for home remodeling after significant growth in the industry. So you’re not only making the right decision for you and your family, but it’s a great one too! But before you get started, here’s a list of the top Alexandria VA, home remodeling trends of 2018 that will have you saying “Wow, I made a great decision!”

1. Richer Shades of Kitchen Colors

Out with the classic, but bland white colors to paint your kitchen, and in with the new trend of splashing bolder, richer colors onto your kitchen cabinets and walls like mahogany, and stylish neutral colors like shades of blue and gray to make your new kitchen space feel comfortably unique. Check out social media like instagram and design/style sites like Pinterest for great ideas from original and risk-taking minds.

2. Richer Colors All Through the Home

Personalize your entire home’s color scheme with different shades of browns and blacks or strong shades of red, yellow, green or blue. Take a permanent vacation away from the old and odd color schemes of the 60’s and 70’s. New colors aren’t expected to go out of style too quickly. They will be a trend-setter for years to come.

3. Rid Yourself of Stainless Steel Sinks

Ditch the white sink frame and stainless steel sink. Replace it with some new trending materials like stone, copper, or even granite to match your kitchen countertops.

4. Add some Vintage Fixtures

Replace common light fixtures with vintage ones like high-quality lanterns or chandeliers to give your home an older, refined look. Take a look online to view the classic lighting fixtures trends for creative ideas.

5. Farmhouse Sinks

Still popular today are the deep trough, bucket sinks. Often used in the laundry room where no one really is looking for aesthetic appeal or in your kids’ bathrooms, these sinks are low-maintenance and uniquely aesthetic and take up less space.

6. Classic Patterns

Geometric patterns are making a comeback from the 60’s and 70’s decades. Bringing these classic designs into your home, and especially into your kitchen will offer a bold and classic look with some modern accents.

7. Reconsider Tiles

If you want to make your kitchen and/or bathroom look totally trendy, then avoid tiles with a subway or hexagon pattern and replace them with a contemporary style that mimics concrete, wood, or wallpaper.

8. The Modern Bedroom

As much as we want to pack the downstairs parts of our house with adornments and interesting colors, forget that mentality when remodeling your bedroom. Use less furnishings in the master bedroom and less bold colors, instead replace them with neutral tones and smaller, simpler furnishings.

9. “Wabi-Sabi” – Imperfections are Okay

When considering Alexandria, VA Home remodeling, we often encounter stress in trying to control the designs to make sure they are absolutely perfect. In this modern era, it is important to drop this anxiety about the perfect home and relax knowing that perhaps a simpler, authentic renovation is okay and won’t take away from the aesthetics of your remodeled home.

10. Remember to Go Green

The trend of going green nowadays definitely can translate into the world of home remodeling. A modern trend is to stay with the green-initiatives by incorporating energy efficient windows, doors, lights, etc. You can protect the environment and still live trendy in your remodeled home.


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